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faq / carpet care

Of course once your carpet has been fitted, you’ll want to keep it in excellent condition - you can find answers here and more tips and tricks on our blog.

NB: If you haven’t already purchased a carpet, it is worth considering getting Stainguard - there is more information about that on the ‘Choosing Your New Carpet’ section.


How you tackle a stain can vary depending on the type of carpet you have. We have some general advice on how to tackle stains on our blog entry ‘5 Tips For Cleaning Your Carpet’, but here are some methods for specific stains.

NB: When working with pure wool or 80/20 wool blend carpets, it is best to get hold of WoolSafe® approved products, such as carpet shampoo and stain removers - there are specific products for oily stains and water soluble stains. Also, some of these methods will not be suitable for natural carpets - we are currently finding more information about natural carpet care, but in the meantime it is best to consult a specialist on this issue.

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