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faq / carpet care / glue-adhesive

How to remove glue/adhesive out of carpet

For glue spills, be sure to act quickly - using a sharp knife, scrape gently to remove any excess or residue from the affected area. Most water based glues can be removed by splashing the stain with vinegar and then rinsing with washing up liquid and warm water. For non-water based glues, dab the glue with a small amount of acetone - this can be found in some nail varnish removers- and allow it to soak in for up to two minutes. Then dab the stain and, as before rinse with washing up liquid and warm water. You can also use an iron, in a similar method to removing candle wax - see above for full details. If the glue has hardened completely, you may need to snip the affected fibres out with scissors, however this method is really only effective on thick carpets with a long pile.