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faq / carpet care / candle wax

How to remove candle wax out of carpet

Wax can, like gum, be removed by cooling.

Take a sealed bag of ice-cubes from the freezer, and rub gently on the gum or about 30 seconds- that will harden it and allow you to peel it off. Do this gently though or it may damage the fibre of the carpet. Anything which remains can be cleaned using ordinary soap and water.

The alternative method is to take an iron, dial is down to a low setting like ‘wool’ and cover it with a white towel - hold it just on the wax to warm it - don’t press on it or let it liquefy. The ideal time would be about 10- 15 seconds, don’t leave it on any longer than 30 seconds or you could damage the carpet. When it’s softened you can scrape off the majority with a palette knife. If there is any left, put a paper towel over the affected area and gently iron the paper - the wax should bind with the paper and allow you to peel it away easily.