How does the Stain Guard work?
Stain Guard protection is beneficial for all carpets and floorcoverings. The protection solution acts by coating every fibre with a polymer shield which helps to resist the absorption of stains and dirt keeping your floor looking good for longer. However, the breathable properties of the carpet’s fibre are not affected.

How long does the Stain Guard last?
Shampooing and professional carpet cleaning products does not affect the Stain Guard protection as cleaning products can not break the bonds between the protector and carpet’s fibre. The performance of the Stain Guard will last 5 years, subject to normal, reasonable use.

Is the Stain Guard safe and what is its impact on the environment?
Stain Guard is dermatologically and economically tested and it is free from Chloroflurocarbons (CFCs) with low toxicity. The Stain Guard polymers show no bioavailability, metabolism, hydrolysis or toxicity even at the highest applied levels.

How will the Stain Guard perform?
Stain Guard is not a stain blocker. It works by slowing down the staining and holding up dirt to give time to get the carpet cleaned.
However, aggressive stains such as turmeric and red wine may be more difficult to clean. Chemically active stains such as urine or bleach may actually damage the fibre itself; the Stain Guard cannot stop these chemically active products.

How to deal with spillages?
Three of the most important tips are.
1. Deal with the spill immediately.
2. Try to test the cleaning product on a hidden area first.
3. If in doubt instruct a professional cleaning company to tackle the problem.

Select the 'Stain Guard' option when purchasing your carpet, if you want the stain guarding process applied.

Please note: Stain Guard protection is not necessary for Westex carpets, (as all Westex Carpets have a Stain Resist treatment applied) or any products in which the option is not available.