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How should I prepare for my delivery?

It is always a good idea to put certain measures in place to ensure delivery goes smoothly.

Before Delivery

If there is any additional contact information you can give us - numbers, e-mail etc - which we do not currently hold, then this will be very useful - you can get in touch with us by e-mail or phone.

Equally, if you can specify a safe place or other contingency plan for your absence (such as leaving the order with a neighbour) please do so.

Ensure that a space is cleared for your products, moving any furniture which may present a barrier.

We also suggest, if you do require a fitting service, not to book an appointment either on the day of delivery or too soon afterwards - in the event that your delivery is delayed for any reason, this may require a cancellation fee from your carpet fitter.

If your order contains large products such as rolls or carpet cuts, it is strongly recommended that you ask someone to be on hand to help you on the day of delivery.
Almost all couriers only have one driver per van, so they may not always be able to assist (more information here). This is why delivery is only guaranteed on a kerbside basis - more details on our policy can be found here.
This is especially important if the products need to be moved to an upper floor.

You can find out what to do if you experience a delivery issue on this page.

Day Of Delivery

On the day of delivery, it is a good idea to be at home to receive your order.

Similarly if the address for delivery is a vacant property, then ideally you should plan to be there.

In the case of a courier delivery, this can be anywhere between 8am - 6pm; we understand this can be difficult to arrange but the courier will not always be able to contact you beforehand to advise you of the delivery time (more information about delivery time-slots here) and so it greatly improves the chances of the delivery being successful and avoiding any issues.

NB: The majority of courier deliveries will require a signature, so again it is useful to have someone at the delivery address if possible

If we have given you a delivery timeslot we will always try to delivery as close to this time as possible, and we will inform you of any potential delays. If you do need an update on your delivery, you can contact us by phone - we can track our own van in real time and request more details from the driver if necessary.

We will also try to phone approximately 30 minutes before arrival to help you prepare.

When your order is delivered, it is also a good idea to make a brief check to ensure that you have been sent the correct product/s and that there is no damage to the wrapping or backing.

Although it is rare that issues of this type occur, checking at this time will allow us to take appropriate action more quickly - the order can also be returned to the delivery driver if necessary. You can find out more about delivery issues on this page.