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Will the delivery driver help me with my products?

If you feel you will need assistance moving and storing products you have ordered, it is always best to arrange for someone to help you on the delivery date.

As a matter of policy, both our own deliveries and those made by courier are on a kerbside delivery basis only - more details on this policy can be found here.

In some instances the driver may assist further, however they are not obligated to do so and it will be purely at their own discretion.

For those deliveries we undertake ourselves, we will always try to provide the best possible service for our customers, but there may be circumstances which prevent our staff from assisting e.g time constraints, health etc.

Equally we cannot make any promises for courier deliveries - they may carry their own policies barring drivers from further action, again due to time and health concerns.

Please be aware that by placing an order you accept that only kerbside delivery is guaranteed and further assistance may not be available.