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Size And Weight Categories

In order to ensure your order is treated appropriately in transit, we split our products into two categories - A and B, determined by size and weight, as follows:

Weight/Size Category A
Products where at least one side is less than or equal to 4m, with a total piece weight not exceeding 50kg and sqm not exceeding 25m
These are most likely to be products like smaller remnants and rugs.


4m x 4m - 20m²

6m x 3m - 18m²

7m x 2m - 14m²

Weight/Size Category B
Products with a sqm greater than 25m, or where both sides exceed 4m, or piece weight exceeding 50kg.
These are most likely to be products such as rolls.

4.5m x 5m - 22.5m²

6m x 4.5m - 27m²

13m x 2m - 26m²

NB: You can find a breakdown of delivery costs here and a breakdown of delivery timescales here.