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How do I fit natural carpet?

Fitting natural carpet like sisal is often quite complicated; for example it can grow and shrink depending on temperature and so it has to be acclimatized to a space to ensure it remains in the correct position.

It also requires use of the 'double-stick method', whereby the underlay is stuck to the floor, and the carpet is stuck to the underlay.

Carpet fitters who specialise in natural floorcoverings often supply their own products - those most often used are F Ball & Co.'s Styccobond range - the F40 High-Tack Adhesive (aka. 'Tackifier'), applied to the floor to hold the underlay in place, and the F3 Flooring Adhesive which sticks the carpet to the underlay.

We would highly recommend that any natural carpet installation be done by an accredited fitter - if you are in the East Midlands are we can recommend one or you can find one on the National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers website.

You can find underlay and adhesives that are suitable for the double stick method in our accessories section.