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5 Ways To Save On Renovating Your House

By Jim (30/05/2016)

These days we’re all tightening our belts, but thankfully it’s possible to have a top-notch home renovation on a budget! Let’s have a look at a few ideas to keep your decorating thrifty and fabulous...

1. The Curtain Exchange

The Curtain Exchange
Image: Posh Living, LLC [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

There are several companies now following the model of the original Curtain Exchange in which quality, second hand curtains are available at a great price - they usually have very well-stocked show-rooms so you can visit and find your match! And of course if you have some old curtains in good condition you want to get rid of, they will take them without you having to throw them away - bonus!

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2. Buy Surplus Paint

Buy Surplus Paint
Image: Marion County Environmental Services

There are many places now, ranging from charities to recycle centres to decorating companies, which sell surplus paint at a heavily discounted price. There are also brands appearing which mix ‘recycled’ paint with new pigment - these are also cheaper as the production cost is greatly reduced.

Useful Links

Forest Recycling Project

Community RePaint

Earth Born Eco Paints

3. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Image: Public Domain Pictures

As with paint, people are seeing both the ecological and business advantages to using spare wood - in addition, many of them will also take old wood (barring things like MDF) and make their own furniture and ornaments from what they have in stock, so you might walk away with more than you expected!

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East Midlands Wood Recycling

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UK Sleepers - Railway Sleepers for Gardening

4. Carpet Remnants

Carpet Remnants Image: © Designer Carpet Remnants

Well, we couldn’t let this one pass! If you’ve already read our article ‘What Is A Carpet Remnant?’ you will know that carpet remnants are still great quality, undamaged products, but provided at a fraction of the retail price - we have a great range from top-end brands, some discounted up to 80%, so you can be sure of bagging a bargain!

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5. Furniture from the Charity Shop

Charity Shop Furniture Image: Now Charity

All us frugal Brits know where to get cheap clothes and books - but many charities have now started opening branches specifically for reclaimed and second hand furniture. Because the charities themselves have to keep to high standards, the goods they stock tend to be good quality - even charities without big showrooms will often have one or two bits of furniture, so it’s always worth a look! And of course it’s not only good for your wallet - it’s great for the charity too! Some, like the British Heart Foundation, also offer a collection service.

Useful Links

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We hope that’s given you some inspiration!
Of course there are always plenty of good things on PreLoved, and you can order cheap building materials from sites like Recipro- best of luck for your own renovations and we’ll be back again with more tips soon!

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