brown carpet remnants brown carpet remnants

From rich, dark brown to lighter tawny shades, these luxurious carpet remnants will give your home an earthy, natural feel. Free samples are available from all our remnants and roll-ends - find something for your home today!

What colours go well with brown carpet?
Brown often gets mistakenly dismissed as being dull or boring but as a rich earth tone it’s important to look at nature and see that brown is a forgiving colour that works well with others.
Brown is warmer than blacks or greys and can make a room look rich and dramatic or calm and comforting.

Brown carpet is a family friendly choice, it disguises marks well and makes it ideal for a busy family home.

For calming colours look towards nature, earthy and autumn colours such as beiges but to make the room pop look for contrast such as whites, blues, greens or you can create a sense of warmth use golds, oranges and reds.