black carpet remnants black carpet remnants

A black carpet can add a touch of mystery and style to any room - have a look at our top-quality remnants to find something which suits you, and remember free samples are available at the click of a button!

What colours go well with black carpet?
Depending on how you define colour black is not a colour as it isn’t visible in the colour spectrum, but if you define colour as all the ways humans eyes can process light and the lack of it, then for the sake of argument we’ll call it a colour. Black is a universal colour which means it can look elegant in any combination, especially with orange, pink, salad green, white, red, mauvish, or yellow.

Black works well with everything but looks even better when combined with a striking colour, black is sophisticated but when combined with saturated colours it adds impact, really makes a room pop and provides a shocking “WOW” factor!