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bedroom carpet remnants bedroom carpet remnants

A bedroom should be the most comforting room of the house, and there are many ways to make that happen - you can check our blog for tips to create a calming bedroom - and here are a few suggestions about carpet choices...

Type: Velvet
A velvet carpet is similar to a twist pile carpet, but it is finished in a way which makes it very soft and luxurious - an ideal choice for a bedroom!

Colour: Cream
Cream and other pastel colours are particularly good for the bedroom - at the start and end of the day it is nice to be surrounded by a relaxing environment. However, if you do want a wider palette, you can find the full colour range here.

Pure Wool
Pure wool carpet is not only soft and pleasing to touch, it is also naturally springy and long-lasting. Crucial Trading produce many delightful pure-wool carpets which are also treated to prevent any issues with moths or allergies - take a look at their selection here.