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Axminster is a brand name within the carpet industry, and it is a popular weaving technique too, best suited for creating patterns in the carpet's design.


Backing makes up the back of the carpet, as opposed to the carpet pile or face.


A strip sewn over the carpet to decorate and strengthen the edge.


A multi level loop style of carpet.


A yarn made by twisting two or more plied yarns together.


This refers to the amount of pile yarn and the closeness of the tufts. Usually the denser the pile the better the performance.


Herringbone edge involves using a cotton fabric of your choice of colour to be stitched onto the offcut of the carpet to give it a bold edge finish.


A rough fibre made from the stems of a tropical Old World plant, used for making twine and rope or woven into sacking or matting.


An 'offcut' refers to be a piece of carpet that is only available in a certain size. An 'offcut' and 'remnant' have the same meanings.


The pile refers to the top part of the carpet; the part that you stand on.

Pile Height

Refers the length of the pile above the backing, which determines its usage for different spaces, as higher the height then it is less durable for high-traffic and heavy-weight spaces.

Pile Weight

Pile weight refers to the amount of yarn used to make the carpet. The pile weight determines the carpet's luxurious touch; heavier the weight, the more luxurious the carpet is.


Remnant in the flooring industry refers to a piece(s) of carpet left over from the carpet roll, these are heavily discounted perfect quality room-sized carpet.

Stain Guard

A carpet protection treatment which involves coating every fibre with a polymer shield that helps to resist the absorption of stains and dirt keeping your floor look good for longer.


Refers the luxurious appearance of the carpet; velvet carpets are opulent and richly thick in appearance, and they are not suitable for high-traffic and heavy-weight spaces.


Woven represents a traditional process where both the pile and backing yarns are woven simultaneously together offering fine strength and stability.


A whipped edge involves using wool of your choice of colour to create a neat hardwearing edge. It is a narrower edge than the herringbone edge.


Wool is known as the most popular fibre used in carpets as it's soft, highly durable, easy to clean and retains its appearance so it is recommended for high-traffic and heavy-weight spaces.

80/20 Blend

The 80/20 refers to 80% wool and 20% nylon mix; wool gives softness and nylon maintains strength and durability. It is the most popular yarn construction of present times.