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How much do the rug borders cost?

Whether you are using the rug builder or creating a rug via the product page, the website will automatically calculate the border price for you, but if you wish to double check, here is a list of the prices along with an example of a 2m x 2m rug, which would be 8m around the edge. There are several different types of border, all priced by linear metre, as a rough the guide the prices are as follow, however there can be surcharges depending on the size of the rug, so the easiest way to get a price is to calculate

Whipping - Natural Products i.e. Sisal, Seagrass, Coir, Jute = £6 per linear metre

8m x £6 = £48

Whipping - Wool and Manmade Carpet = £4 per linear metre

8m x £4 = £32

Cotton Herringbone Border = £14.50 per linear metre

8m x £14 = £112

Jute Border = £13 per linear metre

8m x £13 =£104

See this page to find out the types of borders we supply and click here for more about how to order a bespoke rug.