Pets vs High-end Carpets

By Ruth Paula - (23/09/2019)

Dog on Carpet

For lots of people, pets are a part of the family and are loving companions who enhance our lives. However, it is often said that you must not buy carpets for your home if you have pets. Yet, with improvements in the quality of luxury carpets and products that have been developed for their care, this is just not the case. If you take some precautions, there should be no reason why any pet owner needs to shy away from the combination of pets and high-quality carpets.

Concerns about carpets for pet owners

Pet owners, when considering getting a pet-friendly carpet will have several considerations to consider:

  • Stain resistance high-end carpets. The majority of high-end, luxury carpets can be treated with Stainguard to ensure the carpet holds up against the toughest tests.
  • Carpet durability. Pet accidents and general wear and tear is often an issue from our four-legged friends. With the advances in technology and production techniques, we can offer luxury, high-end flooring that sits in line with your hard-wearing specifications that is suitable for pets.
Dog on Carpet

Why a carpet is a great choice if you have pets

  • Wall-to-wall carpeting is comfortable for everybody in your home and this is equally true for your pets. They spend loads of time lying around on your floors after all.
  • High-end carpets are also a safe non-slip surface which will be safer for pets, who have a habit of sliding around on tiles or hardwood flooring.
  • Luxury carpet absorbs lots of sound and when you have pets a carpet can make your home a more peaceable living space. Not to mention that a carpets sound absorption quality can reduce the sound of any loud noises such as barking, so your neighbours will be sure to thank you.
  • Carpet can contribute to alleviating asthma and allergies in your pets by collecting dust, pet dander and trapping allergens until you next vacuum.

The colour and pattern of pet rugs

The colour of your pet’s fur is a central consideration when selecting a new carpet. A well-thought-out colour choice will ultimately mean that pet fur will not noticeably fall on your carpet, ensuring that the overall look of your room stays stylish.

On the other hand, you can elect to have high-end carpets with different patterns. Patterned luxury carpets not only make your home look attractive, but any fur and stains from your pets are scarcely noticed. Multi-coloured patterned carpets have a useful concealing effect.

Cat on Carpet

Texture of a luxury carpet

Stay clear of shaggy carpets as your four-legged pets will enjoy digging into it. Looped carpets will probably result in injury to your pet if their claws get caught. Instead, opt for a Twist carpets which offer a homely atmosphere for everyone in the household.

In the end, having pets should not deter you from having the most stylish flooring in your home. With advances in stain protection and hard-wearing materials, your home is safer than ever from pet induced damage.

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