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5 Ingenious Storage Solutions For Small Houses

By Jim (27/06/16)

Hi everyone! As you know we usually blog specifically about carpet, but you can’t get involved in carpet and not become interested in home decor in general - after all, everything works together! Space saving is nothing new; everyone wants to make the most of what they have, so here are some great tips from all around the web for how to make that happen...

Vertical Shoe Racks
1. Vertical Shoe Racks

For: Hallway and Front Room

Vertical shoes racks (such as the very popular Ikea ‘STÄLL’ and ‘HEMNES’ range, keep floor-space maximised and double as a neat little surface for keys, books, decorative knick-knacks, and anything else you want kept off the floor! Most home stores now stock their own type of shoe racks, so keep an eye out! And if you don’t like IKEA’s plainer designs, here’s what some crafty people have done with their products: Ikea Hackers

Image Source: Pinterest

Arty Organiser 2. Unfolding Breakfast Counter

For: Kitchen (can be adapted for office and workshop use too!)

This amazing idea combines a small cupboard and a table - why take up valuable space with a permanent kitchen counter when a bit of cleverness and a couple of neatly placed hinges will give you a pop-up breakfast bar? Using a similar concept to the Murphy bed, here’s a bit of creative brilliance by Magnet Kitchens brought to you, along with all sorts of other great ideas, by The Design Sheppard. And of course there are plenty of folks being frugal and making their own so if you’re handy, you might want to try that too! People have adapted the idea for workstations, desks, makeup tables - anything is possible!

Image Source: Magnet Kitchens

Arty Organiser 3. Rolling Vertical Pantry

For: Kitchen (Again)

More vertical storage fun! We all have trouble storing food, whether (like me) your herbs and spices tend to occupy whole shelves despite only been an inch or two high, or boxes of teabags and cereal vying for space in the cupboard - but you can remedy this, at least in part, with a pull-out rolling pantry. There are commercial ones available of course, but numerous people have brought their DIY skills to the for -the best, for our money, is DIY Passion’’s project which you can find here - although it’s all in US units so be prepared to calculate!

Image Source: DIY Passion

Hanging Baskets 4. Hanging Baskets of Plenty

For: The Bathroom (or anywhere!)

Towel rails. Huh.
They just sit there, mounted on the wall. Not very exciting? Until now! Yes, you can take the humble towel rail and turn it into a storage super-star with a few baskets and sprinkle of wisdom from Simply DIY. Of course, it doesn’t need to be a bathroom only project - these handy helpers can be installed anywhere, and made more sturdy to suit your needs.
Don’t like them frilly, woven baskets, tied on with ribbon? Want something more MASCULINE? Just swap them out for some plastic tubs and pull-ties and use them to store nuts, bolts and screws!

Image Source: Simply DIY

Arty Organiser
5. Secret Arty Organiser

For: Bedroom

Bedrooms are a notorious crowded area for kids and teens- even for those of us who count ourselves as functioning adults, all sorts of things can end up there simply because there’s no proper space for them. But people have been working on this problem, including Rachel at WhiskeyDrinkStudio who created the lovely idea of a jewellery organiser hidden (for security and neatness) behind a piece of lovely artwork. And of course it needn’t stop at jewellery - a few modifications and it could be repurposed for all sorts of bits and bobs! Find the full project and lots more goodness here.

Image Source: Le Studio Rad

Of course, and we have to mention this, another great thing you can do if you have a small house and are wanting to renovate is to invest in a carpet remnant! We have loads of room size pieces which are perfect for smaller homes, and they’re all available right here! And now we’ve fitted as many ideas as we can into the small space of a blog, but I’m sure we’ll have more for you soon - remember to look out for more here and on our Twitter and Facebook!

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