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5 Reasons To Consider A Woven Carpet

By Jim (13/06/2016)

Here’s one for anyone thinking of getting a new carpet - there are of course many different types (and you can find out more about choosing your perfect carpet on our FAQ) but woven carpets come highly recommended - they are known as a stamp of quality in the carpet making world, and here’s a few reasons why they should get your attention…

a 1. Strength


Source: Wikipedia (By Zephyris - Own Work CC BY-SA 3.0

Woven carpets are incredibly tough; to understand this, and many of the other features of a woven carpet, it is necessary to understand how they are constructed. In most carpets, known sometimes as ‘tufted’ carpets, the pile (the actual carpet fibres themselves) are threaded through the backing and held there using a bonding agent, whereas in a woven carpet the front and backing are stitched together simultaneously. This forms a much stronger bond - after this a latex solution is usually applied to the backing to increase the strength.

2. Longevity


Source: Cosmopolitan

Some carpets are sold on having a high degree of 'linear elasticity' or ‘springiness’ which allow the fibres of the carpet to retain their shape and resist flattening. However, this is not necessarily the same as being hard-wearing; a woven carpet has both features, being able to both keep its shape and withstand wear and tear. They are a favourite for areas like hotel lobbies and restaurants (for example, Wetherspoons have custom Axminster carpets in every one of their branches!) so that will give you some idea of their staying power! A carpet is an important investment after all, and you can be certain on getting your money’s worth with a woven carpet which will last for many years and (with care) look as good as new.

3. Colour and Pattern

Colour and Pattern

Source: Brintons Carpets

With many carpets, a colour or pattern will be dyed into the fibres after construction - that is of course a perfectly legitimate way of doing things, but it can lead to some long term issues - fading in direct sunlight, for example, and certain cleaning products can cause the colours to run. In a woven carpet, on the other hand, the colours are part of the actual structure of the carpet, with each colour made with individually coloured yarn. This makes it far more robust and long-lasting.

4. Supporting British Industry

Supporting British Industry

Source: Brintons Carpets

One for the patriots! Okay, it’s not necessarily to do with the carpet itself, but it is something worth knowing - woven carpets have been produced in the UK for centuries, and they are respected all over the world - in addition to the warm glow of knowing you are supporting local workers, you can also take comfort in the fact that companies making woven carpet - Brintons in particular - have a robust environmental policy and are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint.

5. Prestige


Source: Ulster Carpets

Whilst we would be the last people to encourage bragging (what they used to call ‘swank’), the knowledge that you have a quality product, the like of which is owned by kings and queens all over the world, including past British Monarchs, should bring you a spring to your step - and not just because it feels so nice under the feet And if you do decide to casually let slip this fact with your friends, then who knows? You might start a trend!

Okay, so after all that, it’s worth mentioning that, generally speaking, woven carpets tend to be quite costly - although we believe they are absolutely worth the investment, price can be prohibitive for some. But never fear - our woven remnants are top quality and in perfect condition at a fraction of the retail price - up to 80% on some brands - so if we’ve convinced you that a woven carpet is what you need, head over to our page now and find the perfect carpet for your home!

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